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You're Invited! Party to Support Firefighters

Wellspring Centre for Body Balance is inviting YOU, our community, to contribute to a fund to provide free care for firefighters, in gratitude for the back-breaking work they do to keep our communities safe. Any firefighter is eligible to receive this care, depending upon the availability of funds.  We will offer our Firefighter Fund care at discounted rates to make your donations go further.  Firefighters seeking care can choose from gentle, upper-cervical chiropractictherapeutic massage; or the non-invasive, drug free healing modalities provided by our Chiropractic Assistant as prescribed by our doctors. If you feel inspired to donate, CLICK HERE or call the office with a credit card to donate by phone. We are already receiving calls from firefighters. All we need now is your support.

Supporting this fund can be FUN! We invite you to join us for a BENEFIT BARBECUE on SEPTEMBER 20th at 6PM at Wellspring Centre.  The event is free, but we will be accepting donations, and there will be a $5/ticket raffle, with all proceeds to benefit the Firefighter Fund. Join us and be part of saying THANK YOU to the men and women who drop everything to keep us safe each fire season.

Firefighting is a physically demanding job!  Firefighters breathe smoke, sleep on the ground,  and are at risk for on-the-job injuries.  At Wellspring Center, we have powerful yet gentle tools to help with all the physical wear and tear that firefighters experience.  Chiropractic care can bring a body back into balance after a season spent putting fire suppression first and personal well-being second. We’d bet that every firefighter out there could benefit from at least a few upper-cervical adjustments!  When dealing with acute injuries, our doctors can prescribe one of our non-invasive, drug-free therapeutic modalities, including ultrasound, cold laser, e-stim and rapid release.  Finally, while many people think of massage therapy as something you do mostly to relax, our massage therapists are actually skilled healers who can assist the body’s recovery from injury, and even help with detoxification after smoke exposure.  Therapeutic massage stimulates lymphatic flow, which moves toxins out of the body. Massage also helps the body unwind and return to balance after an injury.

What your donations will fund:

  • $20 pays for one treatment of therapeutic ultrasound, cold laser or electrical stimulation with our Chiropractic Assistant.
  • $40 pays for a brief exam with one of our doctors to identify and prescribe the correct therapy for that particular firefighter.
  • $60 pays for one chiropractic adjustment for a firefighter who has already established chiropractic care.
  • $80 pays for a 60 minute therapeutic massage
  • $110 pays for a 90 minute therapeutic massage
  • $198 pays for a new patient exam, x-rays and first adjustment for a firefighter entering chiropractic care

The success of this endeavor depends on YOU. Please help us help the people who help us all and make a donation to the Wellspring Centre Firefighter Fund today.

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