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Auto Accident Care in Ashland

Have you been in an auto accident?

Man in pain after auto accidentWe’re here to help. We are currently accepting new clients and are able to bill auto insurance. Oregon law requires motor vehicle insurance companies to provide Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage on all policies. This coverage pays for your related treatments for up to two years after the accident or until your PIP benefits are exhausted regardless of who was at fault.

After an auto accident we recommend that everyone involved be checked by a chiropractor. Even if you walk away from the accident feeling physically fine, you may begin to experience symptoms, including pain, stiffness, headache, and limited range of motion as a result of your injuries days, weeks or even months after the fact. Prompt evaluation of injuries and upper cervical adjustment by a Wellspring Centre for Body Balance chiropractor can help insure that your body is supported in achieving the most rapid and complete recovery possible. Our doctors will take x-rays to assess the spine for any ligament damage or nervous system stress that may have been caused by the accident. These x-rays provide more specific information about the health of the upper cervical spine than those taken at by any other type of provider and can provide hard evidence that the accident caused real physical harm to your body. Chiropractic care can relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and often allow your body to recover from an injury without invasive surgical treatment.

Auto Injury Massage

Auto injury massage can also help to address the injuries due to an accident. Our massage therapists have extensive knowledge and training to help you heal from whiplash, neck and back injuries, tendon damage, muscle spasms, myofascial pain, and headaches. Massage also relieves the stress, strain, and anxiety that can follow having an accident. Our therapists can coordinate your care with your other healthcare providers, within and outside of Wellspring Centre, in order to provide you with the best support possible.

Feel Better

We make it easy for you by billing your automobile insurance directly. Contact our office to make an appointment today or click here to schedule a massage. Please make sure that you have a referral for a massage from a doctor who has seen you for your accident or injury claim if we will be billing PIP for your massage. You can also schedule a new patient appointment series with our chiropractors before your massage appointment, so you can obtain a referral from them.

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