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Get To Know Our Therapists: Share A Massage Success Story

Therapeutic MassageLast week, we began a blog series focused on our massage therapists, Kasey and Kaijah, to help our community get to know these talented healers a little better. We started out by asking what brought them to their work in massage therapy.  This week, we’ve asked them to share a story about the powerful outcomes they’ve seen as a result of therapeutic massage.


A car accident will often exacerbate old injuries.  Recently, while working on symptoms of a client’s current acute injury, including headaches and limited range of motion, I discovered how an old injury to the client’s hip was holding the new injury in place. I began to work on some of the hip ligaments and attachment scar tissue and within a few weeks, with consistent massage care, the hip issue and the more acute injuries were resolved.  Following injury patterns and finding their source is a deeply satisfying part of my work.


These may not be the most remarkable success stories, but they’re really fresh in my mind, so this is what I’ll share: Just this week, two different clients each came in with one leg obviously shorter than the other, experiencing serious hip pain, and bringing with them a fear that there was a disc problem or something really awful going on that might require surgery.  At the end of a session of deep tissue massage with orthobionomy, both of those two patients were able to walk out of the office pain-free!  

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