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Does Returning to School Bring on Headaches for Children?

Of course, most kids will tell you that going back to school is a big headache. However, there may be some truth to that. The National Headache Foundation discovered that just over 10 million school-age children (approximately 20%) are likely to experience headaches, with migraines being a problem for 5%. When observing visits made to a Columbus, OH emergency room, researchers found that the number of visits increased about 31% for children ages 5 to 18 during the fall season. What can be the reason behind this?

  • Changes in bedtime routineS
  • An increase in afterschool activities
  • Changes in meal times
  • Not drinking enough water
  • An increase in stress

Stress seems to be the number one culprit. However, it is hard to pinpoint exactly why this is happening. Parents may not know where to go to find appropriate help. Over-the-counter medication may help but can come with many unwanted side effects. A little-known fact is that a root cause for headaches can actually lie in the upper bones of the neck.

Finding Natural, Safe Relief for Headaches in Adults and Children

Headaches can often be linked to a misalignment of the upper neck vertebrae, specifically the C1 and C2. These types of misalignments happen due to a wide range of incidents such as trauma at birth, tripping and falling, sports injuries, car accidents, and any similar accident that cause injury to the head or neck. A misalignment in this area is serious because the brainstem is located in this exact region of the neck. A misalignment of these bones can put undue pressure on the brainstem and vertebral arteries, restricting communication and blood flow to and from the body and brain. This is often the cause of headaches and migraines, as well as a number of other health related problems.

At Wellspring Centre for Body Balance, we use a method that is safe and gentle called NUCCA. We do not pop or twist the spine or neck. NUCCA causes no trauma or pain whatsoever. What it does do is encourage the bones to move back into place naturally. Once this happens, old and young alike often see an end to headache problems.

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