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A Match Made for Healing

Therapeutic Massage & Gentle Chiropractic

Wellspring Centre for Body Balance has been offering massage therapy since 2011, because we want our patients and clients to have access to both high-quality therapeutic massage and gentle chiropractic care under one roof. This is especially beneficial for patients recovering from injury or accident. Our massage-therapists were chosen by Wellspring Centre Owner and Chiropractor Dr. Jordan Weeda specifically for their extensive training , the breadth of their experience, the gentle yet powerful body work modalities they use in their practices, and their desire to be part of a team working toward helping our community live in alignment.

Massage therapy works beautifully in concert with chiropractic care. When you have a massage with a chiropractic adjustment, the muscle relaxation that massage promotes primes your body to receive and integrate the doctor’s adjustment, without the resistance of tense muscles working against your doctor, or pulling your body back out of alignment. By choosing a massage therapist who works side by side with your chiropractor, you ensure that your care is truly integrated, with communication between your care providers helping you receive the greatest benefit from each type of care.

If you have been using only one of these modalities, and are looking to experience more rapid healing and relief, consider trying them in concert to receive maximum benefit from both your massage and your chiropractic care. You can call the office at 541.482.2021 to learn more or to schedule massage or chiropractic appointments.

You can also use online scheduling for massage only by clicking here!

We look forward to helping you heal!

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