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Wellspring Centre for Body Balance Reviews

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Child Behavior Benefits

When my 5 year old son started complaining about knee I decided to take him in to see Dr. March. He had been dealing with this pain for years. Before his appointment was over Jackson already notice he wasn’t hurting anymore. Dr. March is super gentle and patient with him and Jackson is always comfortable with him. We had been taking him to his primary Doctor since he was 3 about this and they would dismiss it as “growing pains”. After his first adjustment he was no longer in pain and as an extra unexpected bonus he stopped have temper tantrums and huge melt downs. Our whole family is less stressed and it’s so great. Whenever we notice Jackson getting super cranky (about every 3 – 4 months) I take him in and his adjustment puts him back on track. It has helped at home and school and I recommend it to anyone I know with children that have behavior issues.

– Lena N


Dr. Tim March is incredible! He is deeply caring, tunes in to my issues in a deep way, and meets me where I am in my healing process. My work with Dr. March has had a profound effect on my healing process and my life. I am so grateful to have found him and NUCCA.

– Sari T.

Making Vast Strides

As a kid, I had my digestive issues but I always considered that normal. Despite my best attempts to modify my diet, my condition worsened. No one could offer me an explanation or a course of treatment that could help slow my decline, even the best digestive specialists in the country. My sister, a Chiropractor who specializes in nutrition, suggested I get on the GAPS diet. I began to rebuild my intestinal environment, but I still continued to struggle with the mental aspects of my condition and the mental manifestations of the coping mechanisms I’d developed. It was then that I found Dr. March.

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In my first visit with Dr. March, I was expecting that I’d experience some kind of unique chiropractic approach. As we talked further, I really began to understand what he was trying to teach me, the ability to listen to my body and communicate with it in a way that I never have been able to do. He taught me mechanisms for improving not only my physical well-being but my mental well-being. I have never before been able to find someone who would take the time to truly understand and deal with body my physical and mental state, and how they relate to each other. Dr. March was able to dial into this because of the obvious mind body connection.

Although I have progress yet to make, I’m so glad to say that I am making vast strides. This is largely in part to the strategies Dr. March has given me to cope and deal with my mind and body and has given me the confidence to know, not just hope, that I’m moving in the right direction.

– Josh I.

Very Grateful

Before I came to see Dr. March I had hurt my knees in 2000 and over the years one thing has led to another, my foot, back etc. All this time I have been seeing doctors, orthopedist, chiropractors, sobadores, surgeons, acupuncturists, physical therapy, etc. Even though all this helped me get by, I have been limited.

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Before coming to see Dr. March I was contemplating surgery on my knee. A few visits with Dr. March and I have been a lot better, my body and mind have been in harmony and one night going back home I ran a few yards; since I saw that I could, I kept running. It was night time. It had been 14 year since I had had that feeling of freedom, the wind, the way you breath while you run. I got home and told my youngest son crying that I had ran and he said to me, “Mom this is a miracle.”

I had given up the idea of ever running again because it had been 14 years. having my body aligned is only part of it. It is a physical, mental and spiritual process. where all these factors take you to harmony of body and spirit. I had asked God for a cure, when I came for a free consultation Dr. March said to me “I can help you with this!” This is a miracle from God. Sometimes He uses Doctors to do miracles through them. Thank you God! Just like the saying “When the student is ready the Master appears.” I am very grateful to Dr. March for being humble, kind and wise.

– Consuelo M.

Off of Pain Medication

When I first came in to see Dr. March I was taking pain medication for my severe migraines, neck and back pain daily. I was physically and emotionally completely off-balance. After seeing Dr. March regularly over the course of several months I am now completely off pain medication, rarely have pain and happier. Thank you Dr. March!

– Amelia M.

Thank You

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for working your magic! I woke up this morning and my back pain was gone as was the pain in my sacrum. I wasn’t to surprised since I usually feel so much better the next day after the adjustment. What I’m really surprised about is how you fixed the pain under my ribs and in my stomach. Food and vitamins no longer feel stuck in my throat and after I eat I am not feeling like the food sits as long in my stomach!! I really appreciate how you have hung in there and really tried to help me through this journey of figuring out what was wrong with me. My symptoms started last Aug. on vacation so this year has been a long hard one. I felt like a lot of the Docs I saw thought it was all in my head but I never felt that way with you. One suggested I see a Psychiatrist and gave me a prescription of Xanax and said that all my symptoms were from anxiety!

The crazy tingling in my head is almost gone I only get it rarely now. My right ear still rings but I’m hoping that will go away too.

– Jo C.


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